Safety Tips

At ZeeZet, LLC, we consider safety of our members imperatively. For safeguarding your provided information, we moderate constantly each of the profile, photos as well as language. We give maximum preference and priority to your privacy and security.

We must make you aware; online safety is your responsibility which you need to handle personally in order to avoid any scams and phishing.  Before using our features, you need to be careful and keep yourself safe.

Report us! We will block any offenders

If you encounter any violations, then inform us immediately. If you face any sexual assault, stalking, fake profiles, etc., then report us immediately. You are advised to block any offenders if you wish the profile not to contact you anymore.

You can also inform us about the offending profile so that we could block the profile from ZeeZet, LLC site. We ensure that we pass the serious cases of abuse, assault or stalking if any to the concerned authorities.

At ZeeZet, LLC, we provide you few helpful and safety tips that would keep you protected from being an easy prey from any unauthorized or any person with mysterious motives.

Trust on self

You do have the instinct to decide the right and wrong. It is a powerful tool which instigates you to back off or proceed ahead. If you feel anything wrong, then probably you are right.

Don’t Disclose Your Information Soon

You may get requests to provide your personal details like home address, work place, contact number, etc. You may use a cell phone or privately secured number or even Skype for interacting. Don’t give your personal home contact numbers or official contact numbers.

Don’t Rush, Handle It with Patience

You are unknown to your new cyber friend, so don’t rush to meet them in less time or either don’t allow anyone to make you rush. You must spend some handful time online, to know each other before you exchange your contact number. Don’t even rush to meet offline.

Prefer Any Public Place to Meet

If you are confirmed about your new online friend and have decided to meet, then you must prefer any public place to meet so that people around can see you. You must inform any close person or friend about the meeting in prior. You must inform about the person you are going to meet. You must even travel on your own arrangement because it is not wise to travel with an unknown person in the first meeting.

Stay Still If You Think Anything Is Not Right

The photos on the profiles may not be relied upon; it may be any other person’s photo or an old snap. If you sense any such things, then it is wise to leave.

Be Generic and Gentle

If you are not feasible with any of our member, then you don’t have any right to humiliate the person. It is wise and safe for you to skip the person. Be gentle and maintain your personality.

Safeguard Your Account

We recommend you to give a strong password for your profile. Use numeric and alphabets together which makes your password strong. You also need to change your password at frequent intervals.


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Welcome to ZeeZet, LLC

Meet Local Single Men & Women Online Through Our Social Networking Site

If you’re single and looking for local single men and women online, then you have come to the right site!

ZeeZet, LLC is a professional and safe social dating networking website that is developed and designed with one goal in mind and that is to make seeking and meeting local single men and women online FREE, SAFE, EASY, and FUN.

Our Facebook social networking website is one of the largest growing free professional social networking sites based in the USA. Looking and finding singles at our Facebook social network site has never been simpler. Our singles community is massive, and with the use of our community social network portal, you're only a couple of clicks away from finding local single men and women who are also looking and seeking for a friend, a date or a life time partner like you.

Since our company’s inception in 2015, our Facebook social network site has been bringing thousands of like-minded single men and women closer. It doesn't really matter with any age restriction to build a new relation. Our community social networking site is specifically for any single men and women who want to form an honest, lasting and sincere relationship unlike online dating site.

Our social networking website has a wide base of members from different parts of the world so you can look and find your dating partner from your local area or in any places you prefer.

How ZeeZet, LLC Works

Our Facebook networking site allows you to send and receive messages to or from all our single men and women members. To join, you are required to sign in with your Facebook account. All our single members are also Facebook users who use their accounts to look and search for local singles online for free. Look for your ideal date in your local area and send him or her messages. You can search by location, age, or even by your deal breakers.

We have highly experienced professionals who would shortlist single men and women in the best probable way so that you don’t get confused in selecting your date partner.

Aside from sending and receiving messages, our dating app also allows single members to upload and share their photos. ZeeZet, LLC is a safe community dating site to connect with local singles who share the same interests as you. You can search and find real profile photos, connect and share photos and topics with someone you like.

At ZeeZet, LLC, we believe the only way to tell if you have chemistry with someone is to talk and meet him or her face-to-face. The best way to find good relationships and friendships is to find hobbies and interests in common. Our free online Facebook dating website provides a smart way to find new interests, chat, connect and meet with local singles.

We protect your privacy!

At ZeeZet, LLC, you can enjoy looking and meeting singles online with complete privacy control. We consider safety of our singles imperatively. You are free to send messages, chat, flirt, use great features, and it's as private as you want it to be. Your personal information will never be shared with third parties. We don't use your data or post anything on Facebook on your behalf, contact your Facebook friends, or do anything remotely invasive. We give maximum preference and priority to your security and privacy.

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Finding your match mate and soul mate is just a few clicks away! Explore real singles in your local area today. Sign in your Facebook account, try our website and meet thousands of local single men and women nearby!

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