Terms of Use

Before you access our website and enrol your membership with ZeeZet, LLC, the wide social networking website, you need to get in through the specified terms and conditions in detail. The defined terms and conditions are applicable to you, every time you visit our website.  Below specified is a quick summary of the main points which can help you in reminding the terms and conditions.

  1. If you are a minor, then you are prohibited from accessing our website because ZeeZet is an online dating site for adults only. Minority is applicable as per selective country’s notification.
  2. We are not any ways responsible if you have posted on your profile which is confidential and you have faced any such bad consequences. We don’t monitor your contents unless any reports against any profile. If we find anything inappropriate or abusive content on any member’s profile, then we hold the authority to block the profile and remove the user from ZeeZet, LLC.
  3. If you use any other person’s content on your profile and face, oppose then we are not responsible for it. You have to take the responsibility on your own.
  4. If you want to know how we use your provided information, then you are advised to see our Privacy Policy here, you can get a transparent view of such questions.
  5. Registration charges and refunding policy and auto-renewal rules.

We Maintain Transparency with Our Services

ZeeZet, LLC is a social media networking website for helping people to create new contacts. We provide online dating services and along this, you can share photos, news information, etc.

We have made it as a fun place where people could find online partners sharing same interest. We consider and give priority to keep you and your information to keep it safe and secured, maintaining a friendly environment.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions layout of ZeeZet, LLC are bounded by a legal agreement between users and ZeeZet, LLC. ZeeZet, LLC is a social online dating website which has its registered office at, 401 E 1st Street #1868 - 0118 Sanford FL, 32772. ZeeZet, LLC was established in the year 2015 which is owned and operated by Tender Match Love, LLC.

ZeeZet, LLC is a free online dating site which aims to help people in finding partners creating a new relation. We don’t entertain offensive or pornography exploits.

The terms are applicable for any visitor, whether you register with us or not. So it is advised to read each and every term carefully. By accessing, using and registering with us, you agree and accept our terms.

  1. ZeeZet, LLC is an online dating site for adults. If you are an adult, then only you are legally able to be a registered member at ZeeZet, LLC.

Entering our website for registration, you warrant that you have the right to enter into our website and get bounded by the terms. By using out website, you agree not to violate any of the law or regulations of your country. You are completely responsible for any of your compliance with the laws and regulations. 

  1. Being a registered member, you accept that you would not misuse your profile by posting any abusive comments which would be considered as a violation of the terms. You are advised not to post your personal and confidential information on your profile which would invite troubles for you. All of such contents that violate our terms are-:

Expletive contents, offensive texts or snaps, pornographic contents, abusive, insulting or threatening comments, contents that encourages, racism, terrorism, or religion conspiracy, any commercial advertisements, spyware, adware, virus or corrupt files, your personal information like name, address, contact number, credit/debit card details, etc.

We are not responsible if you face any legal consequences for it or nay misuse of your personal contents.

  1. If you are using any other person’s information for creating your profile, then it is your responsibility. It is likely that the person’s information you are using may get annoyed on you for using those without concern. You may face legal consequences for such acts. So it is advised not to use any other person’s information for creating your account. Such involvement would be considered as violation of our terms, and we would block and remove your profile from ZeeZet, LLC website.
  2. You are to provide us your personal information while visiting and registering with ZeeZet, LLC. We assure you that the provided information is to be kept confidential. For understanding, the way we use your collected information you need to visit our Privacy Policy page. We assure you that your information is safe with us. You can inquire your questions by visiting our feedback page. You can share any of your queries, and we are here to answer you.
  3. It is completely free to access our online dating site, but to reap out the offers; you need to subscribe to our packs. You can get the details of the charges for a subscription while proceeding with our registration process. Below specified are the details for cancellation of services and refund policy along the auto-renewal services. Please get in through before subscribing with us.

Subscription Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Upon your request of cancelling the subscription, we follow the below specified rules for determining the validity of your account and the specified amount of any refunds.
  • Any member if have not made any use of the functions only for the subscribers then we would refund the subscription charges in full amount.

For Cancellations Given Within 14 Days:

  • If you request for cancellation after 14 days, you are not eligible to get any refunds.
  • As you have used all of the services that covers our subscription amount or as determined by our payment processing company CCBILL.

Auto-Renewal Services

  • We don’t refund the auto-renewal fees if you request after 14 days of billing.
  • For turning off auto-renew, you can simply go to your profile settings and adjust your account likewise visit us at [email protected] specifying the reason of your request for refund.
  • The amount would be refunded to your given bank account within 5 business days.

For further details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Background Check

You acknowledge that currently the Company (ZeeZet, LLC) does not routinely undertake background checks, verify information provided or conduct criminal screenings of its users. We reserve the right to conduct investigations and background checks on all members, to confirm you are not in breach of any warranty and to determine whether any representation is false. You consent to allowing the Company to conduct such investigation and the Company reserves the right to refuse and/or terminate your membership if you breach any warranty of or your representation proves to be false.

Verification of Identity

We may from time to time request a form of identification to verify:

(a) your identity;

(b) the information provided by you;

(c) your payment or billing information; and/or

(d) your compliance with our Terms of Use.

For further details, please see our Terms and Conditions or contact us at [email protected]

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Welcome to ZeeZet, LLC

Meet Local Single Men & Women Online Through Our Social Networking Site

If you’re single and looking for local single men and women online, then you have come to the right site!

ZeeZet, LLC is a professional and safe social dating networking website that is developed and designed with one goal in mind and that is to make seeking and meeting local single men and women online FREE, SAFE, EASY, and FUN.

Our Facebook social networking website is one of the largest growing free professional social networking sites based in the USA. Looking and finding singles at our Facebook social network site has never been simpler. Our singles community is massive, and with the use of our community social network portal, you're only a couple of clicks away from finding local single men and women who are also looking and seeking for a friend, a date or a life time partner like you.

Since our company’s inception in 2015, our Facebook social network site has been bringing thousands of like-minded single men and women closer. It doesn't really matter with any age restriction to build a new relation. Our community social networking site is specifically for any single men and women who want to form an honest, lasting and sincere relationship unlike online dating site.

Our social networking website has a wide base of members from different parts of the world so you can look and find your dating partner from your local area or in any places you prefer.

How ZeeZet, LLC Works

Our Facebook networking site allows you to send and receive messages to or from all our single men and women members. To join, you are required to sign in with your Facebook account. All our single members are also Facebook users who use their accounts to look and search for local singles online for free. Look for your ideal date in your local area and send him or her messages. You can search by location, age, or even by your deal breakers.

We have highly experienced professionals who would shortlist single men and women in the best probable way so that you don’t get confused in selecting your date partner.

Aside from sending and receiving messages, our dating app also allows single members to upload and share their photos. ZeeZet, LLC is a safe community dating site to connect with local singles who share the same interests as you. You can search and find real profile photos, connect and share photos and topics with someone you like.

At ZeeZet, LLC, we believe the only way to tell if you have chemistry with someone is to talk and meet him or her face-to-face. The best way to find good relationships and friendships is to find hobbies and interests in common. Our free online Facebook dating website provides a smart way to find new interests, chat, connect and meet with local singles.

We protect your privacy!

At ZeeZet, LLC, you can enjoy looking and meeting singles online with complete privacy control. We consider safety of our singles imperatively. You are free to send messages, chat, flirt, use great features, and it's as private as you want it to be. Your personal information will never be shared with third parties. We don't use your data or post anything on Facebook on your behalf, contact your Facebook friends, or do anything remotely invasive. We give maximum preference and priority to your security and privacy.

Get Ready To Mingle

Finding your match mate and soul mate is just a few clicks away! Explore real singles in your local area today. Sign in your Facebook account, try our website and meet thousands of local single men and women nearby!

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